English Bulldog Stud Service

I currently have one AKC registered English Bulldog available for stud service. The fee is $2,500 for Hooch. In addition to the stud fee, each artificial insemination (AI) is $50. I recommend two AIs to give you the best chance of having a litter.

If you are not located in Ohio, I also offer cooled shipped semen.

Hooch ( Rare Color: Lilac )

Hooch is an AKC registered English Bulldog. He has been color tested and is a Lilac.

Lilac is not a color they carry, but they have named it Lilac when a dog carries 2 genes of the Brown (B Locus/Chocolate/Liver) and 2 genes of Dilute (D Locus/Blue). So 2 genes of B Locus is bb and 2 genes of D Locus is dd. Which makes Hooch a full Chocolate (bb) and a full blue (dd) which has been named Lilac! We tested Agouti (A Locus) as well which is the ayat. The ay means the dog has fawn and the at means the dog carries black-and-tan (in English Bulldogs we call Black and Tan Tri markings).

He was color tested at UC Davis in California Veterinary Genetics Lab


He has been DNA color tested as bb dd ayat.

Stud Service Fee: $2,500